Lake of Dreams

And now to show off the cover of the second part in The Spinner’s Game series, Lake of Dreams, written by Crispina Kemp. Like the cover for the first book, The Spinner’s Child, this cover merges what’s real with what isn’t, subtly capturing so many elements from the tale. While the colours work in contrast with the previous book, it establishes the style that will continue through the series.

Picking the spider for The Spinner’s Child was not even a discussion; for some books there was a perfect fit. For others, like this one, we had options. Here we could have gone for the tiger or the fox (those who’ve read it will know the importance of the choice!). Foxes have always been a favourite of mine ever since I read Fantastic Mr Fox as a child, and they were all I drew at uni (check out my Fox Hunt book where the fox gets his own back). But for the Lake of Dreams the tiger stole my heart. It had to be him. There’s so much more I’d love to say about this design. If you ever read my book you’ll know I can’t help but lather on the foreshadowing and symbolism. But in the words of River Song, “Shhh! Spoilers!”

In Lake of Dreams(Book 2 of The Spinner’s Game) the all-encompassing, oracular Spinner, has charged Kerrid with the eradication of the demon-snake that has stalked her since she was a child. To do so, Kerrid believes she must discover the truth of the Asars.

Thus when “big brother” Olun summons Kerrid’s husband to a family meeting with that express purpose, Kerrid jumps at the chance despite Olun never has liked her. Though her task is to discover exactly whatare the Asars, she knows her success depends upon gaining the approval of Olun and his brothers. This would be easier without her husband’s repeated efforts to undermine her, in part motivated by his jealousy of the second-born brother, Jiar. 

Set in the between-time when Ice Age gave way to warmer days, when nomadic hunter-fisher turned to settled agriculture, when spirits and demons morphed to gods, The Spinner’s Gamecrosses continents and weaves through ages fraught with floods and droughts to become the prototype of our most ancient myths.

11 thoughts on “Lake of Dreams

  1. Excellently well-written, everything covered, a great review. Might I employ you are my publicity officer when the time comes? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    On a more serious note, you really have nailed it again. And BTW, you’re not the only reader whose heart has been stolen by the tiger. 🙂


  2. Hello, I’m an old follower of Crispina’s blog, and after seeing what you’ve been doing with the covers for her books, have to express my appreciation. They give the series a unifying dress with mystical imagery.


    • Sorry for the late reply, I’m still getting used to the blog and somehow completely missed this! Thank you very much for your kind comments. I’m looking forward to showing off the rest of the series, especially the next one which is a particular favourite of mine. I believe you are a fellow beta reader for the series?

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      • You are correct about my being a beta reader. And I take no offense at a late reply, having been as much as three weeks behind on my blog reading recently.

        Now I’m caught up, and I see a post of yours in my feed! 🙂

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