Saturday Cake Day – Pink Marble

Recently I’ve been throwing myself into a new hobby. And that hobby is cake making.

Pink Marble Cake

I’ve always been able to make a tasty cake. But one that looks good? Never. And this has always felt like quite a failure, given that I’ve worked in design however many years. After a truly atrocious birthday cake made for my oldest son’s third birthday, I decided to rectify the situation. Both Dara and I have become a bit addicted to Man About Cake, and we’ve been baking nonstop. Disclaimer, I decorate it by myself, save from sticky fingers eating all the icing before it makes it to the cake!

One thing I’ve really taken from Man About Cake is to have fun with the filling of the cake, so for this one, we have a red velvet cake with a cheesecake filling. Yup. Cheesecake filling. Because I’m too lazy to read a recipe, I bought a cheesecake, scraped off the yummy topping, whipped it up, and banged it in the cake. And ate the bottom of the cheesecake, ‘cos you know… I get hungry.

Delicious cheesecake filling!

I nipped to Hobbycraft and bought Culprit icing. It was on offer and pretty cheap. I found it didn’t stick much to the rolling pin or mat, but was impossible to get onto the cake without creasing it. Perhaps someone better than me could manage, but I found it ripped and creased, so not too great. I spent quite a while making some icing flowers to cover up the creases, up till bloody midnight!!!

This cake was made for Mother’s Day, a gift for my mother-in-law, who wanted to host the day. Those who’ve read my blog about her will know that this came not long before we found out she had but weeks to live, and I’m so glad she brought us all together to celebrate.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Cake Day – Pink Marble

      • Yea, Stevia is permitted, this being a natural product. Although I have long since lost my sweet tooth. I’m happy to gorge on plain yoghurt. I only do fruit very very occasionally. It might seem severe, but I’m one of those people who are hypersensitive to sugars and carbs and … if I don’t watch it … it’s not a matter of weight. It’s that all-round killer, diabetes. But, another blood test successfully passed yesterday. Well below norm, and not a tablet in sight. Just cut the carbs, and regular intermittent fasting (which means no eating after my evening meal, until lunch the next day. And that includes my heavy walking days.)
        I’m thinking, The Rambling Padre (who’s a follower on cp) has posted recepes ‘keto friendly’. You could raid his blog! Otherwise, try the keto sites. No sugar and grains allowed on keto; less than 50 grams carbs … I was on 10-15 gm carbs for 9 months but I was craving more veg.
        So good luck with the challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚


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