Saturday Cake Day – Rum Ham

Today I look back at the previous weekend and the cake I made for my brother’s birthday: a pineapple upside-down cake. And believe me, on that day, cake was needed.

I’ve said before about my father being terminal, and though doctors gave him this year, we’ve really no idea (experience tells me you never really know). The cancer caused an infection in his hip, damaging the bone enough that it needed to be removed. Not replaced. Removed. And thanks to Covid, this was not a night of family getting together in the hospital. Instead it was an evening of waiting by the phone to see if he’d pull through the Hail Mary of an operation. To cut the tension, he did make. I remained glued to my phone, only to wake Saturday morning to news from my uncle, not about Dad, but Grandma. Taken to hospital during the night with heart failure. Ringing my brother to give him the update, and fitting in a Happy Birthday, was not easy. But the week has seen the situation improve, with my grandma able to return home, and my father managing to walk around his hospital room with a zimmer frame.

Oh, and because bad things come in threes, my brother had a reaction to some bug bites and had swollen and blotchy legs the whole day. He rated it his second worse birthday, so apparently, it could have been worse.

Now to move on from the trauma of the day, lets get to the cake. Like me, Little Bro is a huge It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan. How does that link to a pineapple upside-down cake? Loosely at best! But link it, I did. Those familiar with the show will know of Rum Ham, Frank’s alcoholic snack he’s forced to bid farewell to Wilson style. 

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See the comparisons? Yeah, I did say it was loose, but the pineapple went down a treat on the hot day. And the fruit basically made it healthy, right?

But in conclusion… Happy Birthday Little Bro!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Cake Day – Rum Ham

  1. Well, that’s a passel full of bad family news. And here I thought a broken elbow was something.
    My siblings and I had to do the cancer countdown on my mother a few years ago. (Her case was hopeless the moment it was detected.) It’s trying because you get this indefinite timeframe (e.g., 6 mos., but it could be 3, or it could be a year) and you don’t how much “last x” stuff to do, or whether that helps or hurts. We did manage to get all three of us together for her last birthday, no mean feat when one lives 300 miles away, another 3,000.

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    • I’m really glad you were all able to get together like that. I bet the day was really special for her and the family. We had similar with my mother-in-law where we all got together for Mother’s Day, which turned out to be incredibly lucky as it was a week later she got the terminal diagnosis and a month later she was gone. Gosh, life can be tough sometimes!

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